Polystyrene Sheets - EPS

Polystyrene sheets are generally available by pick-up or delivery within the Perth Region only. Contact us to discuss deliveries of commercial quantities from the Perth and Sydney regions.

Polystyrene Sheets are among our most popular ranges of products

EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a closed cell, resilient, lightweight rigid cellular plastics material produced in a range of densities between 11 kg/m3 and 35 kg/m3. Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) is manufactured by expansion of polystyrene beads in a mould to create a block, from which sheets and shapes are cut. Its close relative, Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) is extruded in board form, is generally heavier and superior in thermal resistance, moisture resistance, and compressive strength, while also being more expensive per unit of volume.

The main applications for products manufactured from EPS are thermal insulation systems for all areas of building construction, (walls, roof and sub-floor) where their practicality, efficiency and economy are matched possibly only by Foam Sales' Saviro XPS Blue Boards. EPS Polystyrene Foam is also used in sheet form for ceiling panels, display boards and other decorative surfaces.  

Because of its ease of cutting into myriad shapes and profiles EPS Polystyrene is economical and effective for concrete formwork, voids and block outs, pipe insulation, protective packaging, floatation and buoyancy applications, and stage sets and photography reflectors. EPS Polystyrene is also widely used in the manufacture of boxes and eskis which are produced in box moulding machines. 

Foam Sales' Polystyrene Sheets are available in store and at our factory / warehouse for walk-in sales in two densities (Standard SL, and Hard VH grade), and in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses up to 5000x1200x600mm. 

For more technical information see our Manual, and the range of Information contained in the EPS Product Data Sheets.

Much of our polystyrene is Cut-to-Size on our CNC hot wire profile cutters. For DIY cutting, for industrial foam applications through to hobby and model making, check out our range of Polystyrene Cutters. 

Chasing the best polystyrene adhesive? You can't go past Soudal T-Rex Fast Grab for polystyrene compatibility, strength and versatility - it even goes off under water!


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Polystyrene Sheets - EPS

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