Light & Sound Block-out Panel - Window/Door

A sound reducing block-out board made to fit your window or doorframe. The sound reduction foam is cut proud to the rigid polystyrene backing so that it 'grips' the window/door edges and stays in position. 

These panels work well in windows and doors to block out light, and road-noise and nearby sounds that may keep you awake at night. The panels will also absorb and block sound from leaving music and TV rooms where family and near neighbours will otherwise be impacted. 

Panels consist of a 40mm thick polystyrene board cut to your size on which is mounted the convoluted open cell sound absorbing foam. Generally best results are achieved when the soft convoluted foam side is facing the sound source that you want to block or soften. 

Your panels will be custom made to your window / door opening size at $100/m2 of area. Sizes here are examples only - please include your actual door or window opening measurements at checkout. Order up to or above the total m2 volume of panels you require. Any amount of overpayment will be refunded.

Optional handles (polystyrene blocks glued to the polystyrene board) are included at no extra cost.

Sound Block-out Panels have been found to be very beneficial in many applications. Please be aware however that they are to be used as part of your package of sound solutions for most situations. For example, timber homes with tin roofs will leak sound through walls and ceiling/roof areas in addition to the sound entering and leaving window spaces. Additionally, even with brick walls, a noisy drumming room may require more than a sound blocking panel in the window to avoid disturbing the neighbours. 

Other acoustic foams are also available.

Shipping: Sound Block-out Panels are available by pick-up, or delivery within Perth Region only. This product is not shippable outside Perth Region. Please contact us for interstate deliveries. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
n.w. (Brisbane, AU)
Works great!

Bought a couple panels to block the noise of some seriously loud crickets at night. Stuffed them in the windows and they work pretty good. Never going to perfect but really helps

Hello Nicholas,
We appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your feedback. SB

Jennifer S. (Perth, AU)
Thank You Foam Sales

Great product that certainly blocks out a large portion of noise between two rooms.

Hi Jennifer, sounds like the blockout is working exactly as intended. Thanks for the positive review. RB

Danielle S. (Perth, AU)
Very Happy

Exactly as described, and does make a huge difference to the sound made between two rooms. Made sure the panel fits snug (who knew door frames aren't exactly straight :/ but it works a treat to ensure as much sound is blocked off as possible.

Thanks for your feedback Danielle. We are very happy too that the panel is working for you. SB

YING (Leichhardt, AU)

After 1 week used, the panel does absorb some sounds but doesn't make a massive change. I download a decibel meter app for testing and it's showed the noise only decrease 1-2dB. (i guess a thick curtain may achieve the same effect). It just makes the noise softer, less sharp but can't fully block them. By the way, the panel doesn't match the description picture at all and there is a corner of the panel that was damaged during transportation. Overall the shopping experience is a thumbs down.

Hello Ying, we are sorry to hear your response. Here is a quote from one of the 4 or 5 five star responses we received over this weekend ...
'Went out of their way to do everything they could to make sure I got what I wanted!
Great product. Great value. Great service.'
We are disappointed firstly because we did the same for you over an extended period of consultation by emails (with your photos of the window etc) and phone discussion. What we supplied was a thicker blockout, with an extra foam layer to fill the larger window cavity - all at no extra cost, and as discussed, according to our understanding.
So we are sorry and surprised to hear accordingly, and further of a damaged corner during shipping, especially as the panels had 60mm of foam facing outwards on each side and we further overlaid them, backed together in padded foam wrap.
As far as your experience with the sound absorption, we also are surprised about this compared to other feedback we have received. A hard reflective material such as plywood added to the back of the panel in your case will assist further in reflecting the sound back to its source. SB

Fred J. (Melbourne, AU)

Great product. Doesnt maybe block out as much noise as I had hoped, but still very effective. Fast shipping and good customer service as well.

Hi Fred,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it's unfortunate that our product did not fully meet your expectations. Thanks for your honest and kind words. Joe