AFL Footy Post Pads

May 08, 2021

AFL Footy Post Pads

In recent months AFL Footy Clubs across WA have been ordering up Post Padding for their grounds. Some of these Clubs are sponsored by their local businesses, so we have arranged to print the material incorporating their corporate logos prior to making up the covers. 

Covers are made in UV-stable outdoor banner material, and the printing of course is weather-proof too. Inside we use high quality firm foam at 50-70mm thick,  depending on the requirement, whether for children or adult players. Pads are custom made to diameters to fit the various post sizes available, and to any height as required.

All this work is undertaken in WA, with our own Foam Sales staff and contractors cutting the foam and sewing the covers. Custom post padding is in popular demand at Foam Sales. Send us your enquiry today. 

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