Polystyrene Signs, Letters, Numbers & Party Props

June 23, 2019

Polystyrene Signs, Letters, Numbers & Party Props

Polystyrene logos, signs and party props continue to be in demand from Foam Sales most every week these days. Letters and logos are frequently used for casting into concrete to create a negative shape for decorative or information purposes in concrete panels. 

Many businesses want the effect of 3D signs and logos which can be achieved with polystyrene which, if painted with a weather shield paint, or an epoxy coating can be left outdoors for years to come. 

Events Companies too are big users of polystyrene letters, numbers and logos for displays and stage props at annual awards, industry and company events. See the letters above which are cut with flat bottoms so as to be stable when sat on stage. Foam Sales also provides acrylic stands for letters that may otherwise not be stable in the environment in which they will be displayed.

One of our Sydney customers supplies letters and numbers for birthday parties as seen here below. And private buyers too are welcome to order their party letters, numbers and props from Foam Sales directly.


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