XPS House Slab and Footing Insulation

December 07, 2018

XPS House Slab and Footing Insulation

For below-concrete-slab-insulation, especially in the case of heated floors, it makes sense to use an effective thermal break barrier that is also moisture-resistant and stable in the ground for the long term. Foam Sales' Saviro XPS Blue Boards meet these specifications and are the right product range for exactly this purpose.

With house design and build aiming for increasingly stringent energy efficiency, the concrete slab is an important element requiring effective barrier insulation to prevent heat loss, especially in colder climates.

In this build there was 460m of slab insulated, including 400m2 of heated floor - all insulated with Saviro XPS blue board. The owner, aware that house footings are an exposed area for heat loss also insulated the footings on both sides using the same boards. You could say that a good foundation has been laid for this house,  currently being constructed in the Perth Hills.

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