Tool Storage Kit

October 10, 2019

Tool Storage Kit

Efficient and safe tool storage is a big deal these days for mining, industrial and commercial companies alike. At Foam Sales we create custom tool trays from our range of high density closed cell foams. These Polyethylene foam materials are resistant to degradation by grease and oil while having the protective and impact-absorbing properties required for storage and handling of special equipment.

The tool trays seen here have been created for ATI Parts in Karratha - one of our favourite customers! Images were taken for each of the tools, and from them cut files created for the router to produce the profiles in our Polyethylene sheets accordingly.

For Polyethylene, EVA, EPE and all closed cell foam products contact us with your sheet and custom product requirements. 

See here below another job we are currently doing for the City of Belmont. These profiles have been water-jet cut from thicker 100mm material. Being waterproof, these Polyethylene sheets are ideal for the floating wetland that will be created using these profiled lengths. 

If you're looking for customised packaging solutions, Foam Sales staff will be pleased to discuss your project with you. 

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