Polystyrene Formwork for Uni Bike Park

August 21, 2017

Polystyrene Formwork polystyrene blockouts

Foam Sales is delighted to be part of Curtin University's latest upgrade to their bike amenities on campus. The uni is very well situated for bike access, and has done a lot to encourage staff and students to make use of the many multi-use paths both on site and in the surrounding suburbs.

Curtin's latest development is a multi-level bike parking area, featuring complex concrete shapes that can only be cast with polystyrene moulds. A central concrete column provides structural support for the first floor, and rounded concrete guard rails snake around the edges of the first floor - both of these concrete elements are sloping and irregular, requiring precision routing of custom moulds.

Our 3D, 5 axis profile cutter was ideal for the job, turning out perfect moulds that were cut in multiple blocks and glued together on site to allow for transportation. Polystyrene is the perfect mix of light-weight yet firm, so it is easy to move around until it's in place, then it provides a firm surface for the concrete to set against during the pour and casting stages of the build. A plaster agent is applied to the polystyrene mould before the concrete is poured so as to ensure any glue joins are properly smoothed over. 

Once the concrete has set, the polystyrene is pulled away from the concrete and voila! The finished column and guard rails are smooth, curved, and strong, requiring only final grinding and flushing. 

Find out more about polystyrene for concrete block outs, voids and formwork here.

Enquire about custom polystyrene profile cutting here. 

 Profile Cut Polystyrene at Curtin University

Profile Cut Polystyrene at Curtin University

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