Summer Lounging!

February 04, 2021

Custom Daybed

Summer for many means BBQs, poolside lounging, and afternoons spent curled up in your favourite sunny spot, getting horizontal in the great outdoors. How's your day bed looking? Not good? It's time to come see us!

Outdoor cushion

Whatever your preference...

Foam Sales offer standardised daybed mattresses for both bench and lounge, or hut furnishings, or if your furniture is bespoke, we will customise the cushion for you. 

Either way, let’s walk through some of the details you need to consider when planning for your new day bed or outdoor seating area.

Foam FirmnessYou’ll need to choose the thickness you want for your mattress or cushion - somewhere within the range of 75mm - 150mm is most commonly requested.

Outdoor Foam TypesOur product offers the option of a Premium 35-140 seating foam for use under your patio, or reticulated foam created specifically for rain exposure and outdoor use. While most foams do not stand up to frequent water exposure (they tend to retain water and to rot if not kept dry), our outdoor cushion inserts are crafted to allow water to drain through the cushion, preventing moisture retention and fungal growth.

Covered FoamOnce you’ve selected your foam, you can choose your cover. If you’re into fabric and design, then this is the fun bit! We offer a customised sewing service alongside our cut-to-size foam, which means that you get a personalised finished product. 

Outdoor FabricsCovers can be sewn in standard upholstery fabrics, canvas, vinyls, and PVCs. Our sun-hardy, acrylic canvases with optional water resistance are particularly popular, and we always carry large amounts of stock on hand. We are also agents for Warwick Fabrics, so you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your fabric.

Foam Cover with PipingOf course, you’re welcome to add features from our extras options, including: piping, chair ties, velcro straps, binding and marine grade zippers. 

Dacron Wrapped CushionDacron wrapping improves the fit of the cover over the foam, creating a more rounded and finished look. It also limits wear and stretching of the fabric, prolonging the life of your cushion and cover.

Outdoor Scatter CushionsLastly, add the finishing touch with a few scatter cushions. Choose your cushion size from our range of premium inserts, then pick your fabric fromfive sizes in our range. Sew your own covers, or take advantage of our sewing service and we’ll do it for you.

Now you know we can make whatever you want - but what if you don’t know what you want..?

Don’t worry, we thought of that too. Browse ourday bed Pinterest board for inspiration. Then leave the rest to us.

We’ve been doing this for 30 years, after all!

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