Polystyrene Ceiling and Roof Insulation

June 30, 2021

Polystyrene Ceiling and Roof Insulation

Polystyrene sheets are often used for thermal insulation in buildings where an economical, rigid thermal insulation barrier is required directly under the roof, or dropped down as a ceiling. The polystyrene insulation barrier greatly reduces the inside temperature fluctuations during hot days and cold nights. This not only improves living comfort considerably, but reduces heating and cooling costs as well. 

John and Jean bought polystyrene sheets from Foam Sales to instal the ceilings seen here in their home south of Darwin. They report that the comfort inside their home, and the reduced temperature fluctuations are vastly improved as a result. We reckon they have done a good job with the installation too. 

Whether you plan to instal the polystyrene sheets directly to the underside of your colorbond roof, or to create a dropdown ceiling as seen here, Foam Sales can assist with advice, and with the polystyrene sheets, and the polystyrene-compatible adhesives

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