Winter Fall Mat Upgrade

July 06, 2024

Winter Fall Mat Upgrade

The City of Stirling recently contacted Foam Sales to replace the mats below the Climbing Wall area on the Scarborough Foreshore. The area of 220m2 was covered with 79 new interlocking crash mats.

Thomas, our contact at The City of Stirling provided an accurate digital survey of the area, including the bases of the walls, and the surrounding foundations that sit around 200mm above ground level. From these survey details a crash mat layout was designed to accommodate the outer and inner curves, and the foundations around the structures.

Foam was cut, and covers sewn to conform with the plan we had developed. The foam is 27-160 grade - of good and firm quality, very suitable for the application, and a step up from the previously specified foam. 

It can be seen from the images attached, that foam mats can be made to very accurate tolerances, and that they will fit perfectly when the survey, and other information provided is accurate.

Thank you to Thomas and Jake for their cooperation on this Project, and for their trust in Foam Sales. Together we are all very pleased with the outcome. We expect the folks using the area will also be grateful for the upgrade to the area, which we expect to be serviceable for many years to come. 

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