Foam Blocks for Sprung Floor Judo Centre

May 23, 2021

Foam blocks for sprung floor

Judo Sprung Floor

Recently Cathy and Peter from Judo International in Balcatta WA came to Foam Sales looking for foam blocks to provide the compression and rebound for their new sprung floor. Having done their research, Cathy and Peter chose our 100mm EPE foam cubes as the base for their new floor.

These EPE blocks are becoming increasingly popular for use under this type of sprung floor. Peter placed the blocks on 2400x1200mm ply boards at 33 blocks per board as seen here. A second layer of ply boards was then laid (offset) over the first layer and the layers were screwed together. The job was topped with blue and yellow tatami mats to create the stunning result you can see here. 

JUDO INTERNATIONAL is based at 204 Balcatta Road, Balcatta WA (08) 9204 2605

Contact Foam Sales today for sprung floor foam for martial arts, ballet, cheerleading or your own home gym.

sprung floor foam blocks

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