Tool, Equipment, and Camera Case Foam

February 04, 2021

Tool, Equipment, and Camera Case Foam

At Foam Sales we help customers with foam inserts for their Tool, Equipment and Camera Cases. These Projects range from small custom cut foam pieces for the hobbyist, through to large foam inserts for industrial tool drawers, road cases and Pelican Cases of all sizes. Camera Case Foam

Different types of foam are available to select from, as are hard foams for heavy equipment, and foam tops in contrasting colours to create the 'shadow' effect. We consult with you on your foam choices and can advise on your product layout too. 

Most of our case foam is cut by water jet, or is cnc routed to shape. This ensures accuracy, and the neat professional finish that you see in the images here. 

Equipment Case Foam
Contact us today with your Tool, Equipment or other Case requirements. You may be pleasantly surprised at how economical this service can be for your Project. 

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