Saviro XPS Blue Board for Environmentally Efficient Building

October 04, 2016

Saviro XPS Blue Board Thermal Insulation

When leaders in sustainable building design choose Saviro XPS Blue Board as the primary insulation material for their own purpose-built office building, it's the ultimate stamp of approval.
Slavin Architects are well known throughout W.A. for their innovative approach to sustainable building practices. Their recently-built office in North Fremantle is a case in point, boasting efficiency equivalent to an 8 Star Green Star Rating.With glazed walls making the most of the natural light on the North and South facing sides of the building, insulation in the Eastern and Western walls is key to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature year-round. These walls are constructed from pre-cast panels featuring a 50mm thick panel of Saviro XPS Blue Board sandwiched between two concrete panels. This sandwiched system not only affords excellent insulation properties, but also significantly reduces build time, as the panels have a short lead time and can be assembled off-site.
Environmentally Efficient Building - Insulation Boards - Perth
Slavin Architects Offices
Combining the abundance of natural light, superior insulation, and other technologies such as LED lighting, water collection systems, and a fresh air ventilation system, the Slavin Architects building operates on stunningly low energy costs.
Slavin Architects recently planted along on the exterior walls to further 'green' the building, and an eye-catching mural by local artist Anya Brock makes the most of the concrete Western face, proving that environmentally efficient design can be both cost-effective and beautiful.
Environmentally Efficient Building - Insulation Boards - Perth
 For information on how you can use Saviro XPS Blue Board in your building project, contact us today. 

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