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March 01, 2016

custom made outdoor cushions

Daybed by Foam Sales
When our customer Claire came to us with a plan for a two-tiered daybed, we were pretty excited. Daybeds are our specialty, and it's especially fun when we get to be involved in the whole process - foam, fabric selection, throw cushions.  
Daybed by Foam Sales
Skirting the perimeter of the verandah and pool area, Claire's matching daybeds are flooded with sunlight and open to the elements, so the foam and fabric needed to withstand UV rays and wet weather. Our outdoor foam was the perfect solution, as it stands up to Perth summer heat and drains quickly, preventing mould build up in wet weather. Bright turquoise in clashing patterns from the Warwick Fabrics outdoor range  and contrasting pink canvas were ideal for the covers and cushions - made to handle outdoor conditions and stylish!
Daybed by Foam Sales
Of course, daybeds aren't just meant to be pretty - they're meant to be well-used! In the case of dirty feet and sticky fingers, Claire's new covers can simply be zipped off and washed for easy maintenance. 
Daybed by Foam Sales
We think Claire's pool area looks amazing! 

Inspired? Check out our Daybed Pinterest board for more ideas or enquire with us today to get started on your own daybed!

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