Crash Landing

February 12, 2016

Crash Mat - Movement Co

Movement Co began as an idea - imagine if the best elements of human movement could be pulled together in one space.

Last year the dream became reality when Movement Co opened its doors, offering classes in strength and conditioning, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics and climbing. To support such a diverse range of practices, the facility boasts gymnastics rings, a handstand wall, high bars and a trampoline for parkour, and a large indoor climbing wall.

The Task:

Foam Sales was approached to develop a large crash mat to sit beneath a climbing wall at Movement Co's Osborne Park facility. Movement Co needed a custom-made mat to fit the space, which turned out to be almost 16 metres long and 7 metres wide, irregularly shaped and incorporating a cutout area around a pillar. The foam needed to be firm, but soft enough to provide a safe landing. The cover needed to be tear-resistant in spite of regular, high-impact use. That meant no stitching allowed, as stitched seams are prone to tearing.

The Solution:

Building crash mats is one of our specialties at Foam Sales, so when Movement Co got in touch, we set to work finding the right blend of foam with our high grade rip-stop PVC for the cover. To get around the "no stitching" requirement, the cover had to be “welded” into one continuous piece of PVC incorporating all joins and sides. Our final design was crafted into one enormous piece, ready to be fitted over the foam and joined at the floor.  

The next challenge was installing the mat in the Movement Co facility. Usually, mats are cut, glued, covered and assembled in our factory, but this one was way too big to be transported. Instead, we cut the foam pieces and then transported them separately, with the pieces being glued into position on site. Finally, the cover was fitted over the top of the foam and fixed to the floor. Kind of like a giant game of Tetris!

Movement Co Climbing Wall, Crash Mat by Foam Sales

Movement Co’s climbing wall is now open to beginners and pros alike, and our mat below guarantees a safe landing.  MC holds community classes at 9:30am every Saturdayfor a donation of your choice, with all proceeds going to charity.  For more details, head to the Movement Co Facebook page, sign up, and get moving!

We enjoyed the challenge of this project, and we're looking forward to the next curve ball coming our way. If you have a crash mat project you'd like some help with, enquire today with our team of foam experts.

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