Foam Hurdles for CUB WAFL Grounds

June 20, 2018

Foam Hurdles for CUB WAFL Grounds

In May this year Gemma Felton from sports marketing company TLA Worldwide came to us with a project to design and produce hurdle barriers for our local WA footy code. Gemma was great to work with and we soon came up together with an agreed design.

So we set to work making sets of foam hurdles for an on-field activation during Rounds 9 and 14 of the WAFL games for Carlton Draught - 10 competitors raced at ¾ time to win a Year of Beer. We used light weight closed cell foam which holds its shape and won't become sodden in wet weather. Using sheets of digitally printed PVC supplied by Frank at Discus Digital Print our sewers made up the covers for our foam. Within a week these hurdle barriers were on the WAFL grounds for their first appearance.

WAFL Foam barriers

Looks like some beer may have been spilt over them, but no worry, these barriers can be washed or wiped over and are made to take the worst of treatment. 

Carlton beer EPE foam Barriers

Our thanks to Gemma and to Frank for making this project a pleasure to work on with them. We hope to see these WAFL hurdles around for years to come.

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