New Floor Area for Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing

June 19, 2018

Crash Mat Floor Area - MIRC

Recently Steve and Gayle Capener expanded their Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing venue into their mezzanine area. Included was a small climbing wall, and a ceiling climbing area with rungs framed into sections on their ceiling. Needing some firm and safe landing below the 'ladders' fitted below the ceiling they asked Simon at Foam Sales to come up with a plan for the 6x9 metre floor area.

The floor area is now covered by 7 heavy duty PVC-covered mats, each joined to its adjacent mat with flaps backed with 100mm wide velcro fixings. Six mats form the area below the ceiling ladders and one large mat 6x3m sits at one end below the climbing wall. The large mat has cut-outs to fit around two poles.

Floor area crash mat

Business continues to expand at Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing, with school groups frequenting the venue during school hours with members of the public too  through into the evenings. Training and assistance for beginners is available from the experienced staff on duty throughout the week. Check out the MIRC website or call 95817465 to make a booking. 

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