Forefront Gymnastics - Helping with the Setup

June 16, 2018

Beam Protection Forent Gym Foam Sales

Recently Darren Hicks, one of Perth's most experienced gymnastics trainers has embarked on setting up his own gym in Canning Vale. Forefront Gymnastics is starting to take shape. With floor area and run-up mats being the very same mats as those used in the Rio Olympics, Forefront is meeting a demanding standard. 

At Foam Sales we were pleased to be able to assist in supplying the custom beam protection around the structural beams as seen here. Each protective beam cover contains fire retardant closed cell foam with fire rated PVC covers. Darren came back to us for this custom work after having purchased the large blue PVC covered landing mats also seen in this photo.

We wish Darren well with his new venture and recommend him and Forefront Gymnastics to our customers. 

Beam Protection Foam Sales

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