Gymworks Multi-Sensory Gym for OT

January 11, 2017

Gymworks Multi Sensory Gym

One of our most satisfying projects in 2016 was an update to the multi-sensory gym at Gymworks, an Occupational Therapy centre for children. Gymworks continues as a leader in Perth Occupational Therapy services and boasts not only outstanding therapists, but an incredible array of equipment for learning through play.

Gymworks' recent addition of a trampoline, a foam pit and various other play equipment required lots of bouncy safety matting in all sorts of shapes, which is our specialty! Foam Sales constructed custom mats to flank the edges of the trampoline and foam pit, as well as three large, moveable floor / crash mats in bright traffic light colours - red, orange and green. The crash mats allow for the layout of the gym to be rearranged weekly, as well as providing a safe landing beneath a 26m flying fox!

Gymworks Multi Sensory Gym

The foam pit in particular is a fantastic feature that enables kids to unleash without risk of hurting themselves. Soft foam shapes are much safer than foam beads or plastic balls, and padded rip-stop PVC mattingaround the edges protects against falls or tripping (low grade PVC is prone to tearing, which then poses a tripping risk). 

Gymworks Multi Sensory Gym

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