Reverse Brick Veneer: Environmentally Efficient Building

November 29, 2016

EPS polystyrene insulation

When experienced Perth architect and builder Barry Small designed and built his own home this year, he opted for Reverse Brick Veneer (RVB) for the north and west facing walls. 

Environmentally Efficient Building - Insulation Boards - Perth

In our hot W.A. climate, traditional building materials are not always the most efficient option. With prolonged exposure to the beating sun in summer and icy cold south-westerly winds in winter, insulation is key to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. 

RBV takes the insulation concept quite literally by inverting the traditional brick wall. The brick wall on the inside provides the thermal mass, while the exterior wall consists of an insulation material with an exterior veneer.

In this case, Barry used Foam Sales VH grade polystyrene in 75mm thickness, due to its long term stability and effective R2+ value. Fibreglass mesh was applied to the outer polystyrene layer followed by a render coat, resulting in a quality 'brick' wall finish with superior insulation properties. 

Bravura Design: Reverse Brick Veneer

Barry says he chose Foam Sales as his supplier because of our friendly, 'can do' attitude to customer service, and because we were able to cut panels to size for his builders. This saved him extra labour on site, and reduced overall wastage. Barry also took advantage of our waste disposal service, returning remnants to Foam Sales rather than having to make a trip to the tip.

Already settled on RVB and after polystyrene sheeting? We can help! 

Planning a build of your own? Contact Barry at Bravura Design to discuss Reverse Brick Veneer options.


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